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Stager Par & Fresnel

anless design and quite performance, ideal tool for touring show, gallery, banquet and temporary exhibition, photography ect.

Stager FC Fresnel

The STAGER series of products has been engineered as a premium line of lighting fixtures specially focusing on theater and TV lighting applications.

Stager Ellipsoidal

ECLIPSE uses new technology LED, with crystal clear and even light projection, DMX control and support for RDM.

Stager FC Ellipsoidal

It is compated with CCS technology, precised CCT from 1800-10000K, reaching super high CRI ≥90.

Stager Cyclorama

AUROCYC is an innovative IP65 CYC, with full spectrum color LEDs optic, superb even color mixing, and it comes with Yajiang Patented CCS3.0 intelligent color consistency system,

Stager Follow Spot

new type pure manual control follow spot,delicate design fully consider of the human operate habits.

Stager Panel Light

With the new generation of LED light technology, high CRI, R9 and TLCI , super soft light and not dazzling.

Stager Houselight

It is a creative houselight,with high-efficient optics system.

Stager Intelligent Dimmer

specifically design for replacing the traditional lamp Fresnel, which controlled by the dimmer pack.

Stager UV

AURORA UV is an innovative exquisite UV PAR fixture, offering massive output with low power consumption;