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SilverStar Laser Beam Penetrate the Sky of Hangzhou

Events 2023-11-13

What a wonderful scene of Hangzhou North Branch River! It is dazzling with the Neptune super beam from Silver Star!


In the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, the North Branch River is one of the important water sports venues. It is located in Fuyang District. The North Branch River Night View Show is one of the distinctive immersive touring projects in China, which have been start from February 2022. When the sharp beam effect light up, together with the city lights, showing the charm of Impression of Fuchun River’



This light view show project uses hundreds of–Silver Star Neptune Super Beam. This laser beam adopts solid-state laser source, the luminance at 20 meter is up to 4,65,000 lx, equipped with 260mm large lens, 1.0° extremely solid and strong beam ,the light source has a long life of 12,000 hours, and the efficiency is 3 ~5 times higher than the discharge lamp. At the same time, Neptune super beam has accurate positioning, penetrating beam and longer distance projection. In addition, the built-in 8 prisms and 24 prisms can be rotated and over lapping, plus 29+1 fixed gobos and 19+1 colors, can creating rich and vivid effects for all kinds of applications.